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We work with more than 100 program allies who provide service to Potomac Edison’s Maryland customers who can help you plan and implement energy-efficient projects. For Program Allies near you, search our directory.


Learn more about cash incentive programs that provide reimbursement for Agricultural equipment.

Program Update

Due to an extremely high volume of participation in our Energy Solutions for Business – Prescriptive program, funding has been committed. Effective immediately, Potomac Edison has stopped pre-approving prescriptive applications.

Note: These changes do not affect the Small Business Solutions – Direct Install Program or the Energy Solutions for Business – Custom Program. These two programs will continue to operate as normal.

Please contact the program representatives at Sodexo at 855-827-2222 or at with any questions.


The Agriculture Incentives Program is available to Maryland commercial and industrial retail service customers of Potomac Edison. The Program offers incentives and information to encourage participants to install high-efficiency equipment. Flat-rate incentives are available for the following equipment categories:

Pre-Approval Requirements

All applications received by the Program will require pre-approval before the purchase and installation of equipment.

Effective Dates

To qualify for incentives through this Program, equipment must have been purchased and installed after December 1, 2015, and after the receipt of a pre-approval email from the Program Administrator.


Incentives available from the Program are limited to the total equipment cost (excluding taxes). Only installation of new equipment is eligible for incentives under this Program.

Click the tabs below to view the incentives for each of the different equipment categories.


Equipment Incentive Equipment & Eligibility Requirements
VFD for Milk Vacuum Pump $1,500 Per VFD – Purchase and installation of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and controls on dairy vacuum pumps, or the purchase of dairy vacuum pumps with variable speed capability.
– Pre-existing pumps with VFDs are not eligible.


Equipment Incentive Equipment & Eligibility Requirements
Automatic Milker Takeoff $90 Per Milker Takeoff Purchase and installation of new automatic milker takeoffs to replace pre-existing manual takeoffs on dairy milking vacuum pump systems.


Equipment Incentive Equipment & Eligibility Requirements
Dairy Scroll Compressor $1,000 per Compressor Purchase and installation of new scroll compressor to replace an existing reciprocating compressor or to be used in a new construction application.


Equipment Incentive Equipment & Eligibility Requirements
High Efficiency Ventilation Fans $215 per Fan New high efficiency ventilation (HEV) fans must be installed in retrofit applications where standard efficiency ventilation fans are being replaced.

Minimum fan requirements
– 14″-23″ 12.4 cfm/W @ 0.1 SP
– 24″-35″ 15.3 cfm/W @ 0.1 SP
– 36″-47″ 19.2 cfm/W @ 0.1 SP
– 48″-61″ 22.7 cfm/W @ 0.1 SP


Equipment Incentive Equipment & Eligibility Requirements
High Volume Low Speed Fans $125 per Fan – New High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans must replace conventional circulating fans.
– HVLS fans must be a minimum of 16 feet in diameter and move more cubic feet of air per watt than conventional circulating fans.


Equipment Incentive Equipment & Eligibility Requirements
Livestock Waterer $80 per Waterer New energy-efficient livestock waterer must be thermostatically controlled and have a minimum of two inches of factory installed insulation.

How Do I Apply For Incentives?

Step 1 – The participant should complete and submit a Program application online and upload required documents through the application portal. The following documents are required for a pre-approval:

  1. Manufacturers’ specification (cut) sheets for the proposed equipment. Please highlight all relevant information such as the equipment efficiency ratings.
  2. W-9 tax form for the incentive payee.
  3. Copy of utility bill to confirm account number and service address. If desired, the participant may obscure all cost and rate related information.

Step 2 – The Program Administrator will notify the applicant via email when the review is complete and funds have been reserved. Upon receipt of Program pre-approval email, participants may purchase and install their energy-efficient equipment.

Step 3 – Once the project is complete, the participant should review the approved application for any changes to the project that occurred during installation and make any needed corrections. The following final documentation should be submitted to the Program Administrator for review:

  1. Detailed, itemized invoices or proofs of purchase for the equipment installed.
  2. Manufacturers’ specification (cut) sheets for any additional equipment installed (if applicable).
  3. Completed letter of attestation.

Upon receipt and verification of all required documentation, the incentive check will be processed and mailed to the applicant or to an authorized representative, if requested on the application.

Apply online or contact us at 855-827-2222 to request a printable version.