Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the equipment need to be paid in full by a specific date?

The project does not need to be paid in full by a specific date, but an invoice dated after pre-approval is required.

If my application is incomplete, will I still be in the queue? Will my place in line be held while I get my paperwork together?

If you receive an application acknowledgement, your place in the queue will be saved. However, if additional information is requested, and you do not respond within ten business days, your application may be voided or moved to the back of the processing queue.

Can I send my application to a specific program representative, rather than through the website, fax or email?

No, applications cannot be submitted to an individual program representative. We encourage participants to apply online to ensure faster processing.

How do I submit an application if my project is anticipated to take many months (or multiple phases) to complete?

For large, multi-phase projects, you can submit an application for each phase of the project. All incentives are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. The project pre-approval letter defines terms for incentive payment and a commitment expiration date unless an extension is granted by the program administrator.

Can a single account number have multiple applications?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of applications for an individual account.

Where can I find my Potomac Edison utility account number?

The account number is located near the top left side on your utility bill. The account number will have either 12 digits or 14 digits.

Now that I know I’m eligible, how do I apply for incentives?

To apply for incentives, create an account on our portal. Once you have created an account, you can start a new application. The portal will guide you through the online application process. Be sure to complete all required fields. Once completed, attach the required supporting documentation and press submit.

How can I determine if my equipment meets the eligibility requirements?

Visit for resources explaining equipment eligibility and how to fill out the application. You should also work with your design teams and contractors to ensure that the equipment meets the eligibility requirements of the program. For specific project-related questions, contact a program representative at

How does the pre-approval process work for Lighting for Business projects?

Begin by submitting an application package that includes a completed W-9 via the online application portal. Program staff will conduct a technical review of the application and supporting documents, and contact you with any questions. Upon completion of the technical review, the project is pre-approved and you are sent a pre-approval letter. You may then purchase and install energy-efficient equipment for your project.

Will the incentive be paid to the contractor or the customer?

Payment will be made to the participant listed on the application unless you elect to assign the program incentive to a third party by completing the Dual Incentive Payment Form.

How long do I have to install the equipment after pre-approval?

You have 90 days from the pre-approval date to complete the installation, as noted on the pre-approval letter. However, if installation schedules are delayed, contact your program representative at to request a project extension. (See the installation schedule requirement in the program terms and conditions.)

What documents do I submit after equipment is installed?

To complete the processing of your incentive, submit invoices or proofs of purchase for all proposed equipment, with the following information:

  1. Quantities
  2. letter of attestation
  3. Model numbers
  4. Installation address
  5. Purchase date

Additional required documentation includes:

  • Any revised supplementary forms (HVAC Supplemental Calculator, Lighting Supplemental Calculator etc.) If there were any changes from the originally submitted scope of work, you must also submit a completed IRS W-9 form for the incentive recipient(s).

During our project, we changed the amount of lights we installed. How should I notify the program?

Please revise the Lighting Form to reflect the actual equipment that was installed and submit that, along with your additional final documentation, via your application portal account.

What lighting products or technologies qualify for this program?

The Lighting for Business Program is designed to support equipment and controls that can save electricity. Equipment must be code compliant.

What if different equipment was substituted after pre-approval?

Project scope often changes during installation. If changes occur after pre-approval, contact your program representative at If the installed equipment meets the program requirements, the incentive will be paid. If the installed equipment does not meet the program requirements, no incentive will be paid. Final incentive payment will be based on the “as-built” documentation provided with the final application. If your project scope increases during construction, your incentive may increase if funding is available. There is no guarantee of additional funds for projects that increase in size after pre-approval. We encourage you to contact us as early in the process as possible to see if any modifications are eligible for incentives.

What is the approximate turnaround time for application pre-approval and the expected timeframe for receiving incentives after project completion?

Project pre-approval is estimated to take 15 business days after a complete application is received by the program. Applications are acknowledged upon receipt with an email response. If you have not received an acknowledgment of application receipt within five business days of submission, contact a program representative at Once a project is installed, a complete application package with proof of purchase is received by the program administrator and final approval is granted, a check will be issued within approximately 90 business days.

Under what circumstances do I need to get pre-approval of equipment?

All projects require pre-approval from the program before purchasing and installing equipment.

What documents must be submitted with my initial application for pre-approval?

A complete (pre-approval) application package includes the following:

  1. A completed online application through the application portal
  2. Manufacturer’s specification (“cut”) sheets for each equipment type to verify that the proposed equipment meets the program requirements and is eligible for incentives. The relevant efficiency levels should be clearly indicated on the cut sheets. Please circle and/or highlight the information for each type of equipment.
  3. letter of attestation
  4. Any supplementary forms (HVAC Supplemental Calculator, Lighting Supplemental Calculator, etc.)
  5. For custom projects, refer to the instruction page of the Custom application form required.
  6. Projected project cost; proposal

Do churches qualify for the incentive program?

Yes, the program is open to all commercial, industrial, not-for-profit and governmental customers of Potomac Edison in Maryland.

If my building is mixed-use, can I still qualify for the incentives?

Program eligibility for mixed-use buildings depends on the type of meter serving the facility. For instance, if a multifamily building with a first-floor commercial retail space has a commercial meter, then that retail space as well as the building’s common areas would be eligible for program incentives.

Is there a limit on the amount of incentives we can receive for a project?

Retrofit project incentives are capped at the calculated project incentive or up to 50% of the total project costs (including labor), whichever is less. For Custom projects, the limit is 50% of total retrofit project costs and 75% of the incremental cost for new construction.

Can I get an incentive for equipment that is fueled by natural gas?

No, incentives are for electricity savings only.

Who is eligible to receive incentives?

Commercial, industrial, not-for-profit and governmental customers of Potomac Edison in Maryland are eligible to receive incentives.

I receive a bill from Potomac Edison, but I receive my electric generation from a different electricity supplier. Do I still qualify for incentives?


My company submitted the paperwork to be added to the Program Ally Directory on the website. I have an application to submit. Do I need to wait until I am listed in the directory to submit an application?

No, you may submit an application before you become an ally.

What are the qualification requirements for LED lighting equipment?

LED lighting is required to be ENERGY STAR® certified or DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) qualified.

My company is interested in learning about Potomac Edison programs. How can I learn about program launches, new incentive offerings, application forms, etc.?

Visit our website at for more information. Or reach out to our program team at

What if my project is chosen for an on-site inspection? What will this include?

A random sample of project sites will be surveyed by program staff to verify pre- and/or post-installation conditions, or to verify documentation prior to an incentive payment. Any equipment on the final application form that qualifies for an incentive payment may be subject to on-site inspection. Typically, these site visits include visual inspection of the qualifying equipment, including lighting fixture counts and confirmation of nameplate data, etc. As described in the program terms and conditions, the participant is asked to provide reasonable access to the facility, the qualifying equipment, and related documentation and data. Every effort will be made by the program staff to schedule these surveys at a mutually convenient time to avoid delaying incentive processing.

When does the program end?

The current incentive programs are scheduled to end December 31, 2023, or when incentive funds are fully committed, whichever happens first.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the program?

Program Terms and Conditions can be viewed here. You may contact a program representative at any time for clarification or with questions at

Can I receive incentives if I received money through other avenues like government grants or other utility programs?

Yes, customers of Potomac Edison in Maryland can still receive incentives even if their projects were funded by a grant source or other utility programs.

Are there tax implications associated with receipt of program incentives?

Consult your tax advisor. Incentives received by the participant may be taxable at the federal, state or local level. Participants are responsible for declaring and paying any taxes.